3 Key Styles to Wear Yoga Leggings for a Night Out

Maybe you’ve always thought that beauty had to be equated with pain. This adage has certainly held true for ladies who want to take a night off to let loose with their friends downtown. Many of these women opt for painfully high heels, short dresses, and other uncomfortable clothing items. What if there was a better way to prepare for your night out on the town?

Yoga leggings are becoming incredibly versatile, with women donning these items for everything from work to the club. If you’re heading out for a night with your friends, these key styles could help you to dress comfortably and wear your yoga leggings in style.

Look for Edgy Accessories

One of the best ways to make your yoga leggings appear hipper for a night out is to pair them with edgier accessories. Perhaps you like bright silver stud bracelets or a studded belt around your waist. Maybe you have the perfect leather bomber jacket or a top with lots of zipper adornments. These are excellent styles to pair with the usually polished appearance of black yoga leggings.

You may also want to look for tops that feature bright hints of metallic sparkle. It could be from sequins, glitter, or any number of items. A glint of metal on your going-out outfit is sure to be a hit, no matter how you wear it.

Cutouts Can Make Your Leggings Pop

When you’re going out for the night, chances are you want to stand out in the crowd. What if you could show a little skin without making yourself feel uncomfortable while you dance? The new cutout styles on many tops (and even on leggings) can help you to feel comfortable, confident, and sexy on the dance floor.

Look for cutouts that are covered with mesh inserts or strappy crisscross patterns to fully complete the look. These areas may be across the back of your shoulders, over the chest area, or down the side of your leggings for a completely unique style.

Wear Your Leggings With a Short or Sheer Dress

Do you have a few dresses in the back of your closet that never get to see the light of day? You may be able to work them back into your wardrobe with the help of a trusty pair of yoga leggings. You can still wear that dress that’s just a touch too short when you have the added protection of leggings underneath. Similarly, a dress that’s a little too sheer to wear on its own can benefit from these helpful accessories.

Going out on the town no longer has to be painful in order for you to show up in style. You can use a few of these very simple style techniques to put together a hot outfit using comfortable pieces you likely already have at home. See what you can do with a classic pair of plain black yoga leggings before you go out with friends this weekend.

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