Trying Yoga in Another Language

Traveling can be a wonderful opportunity to form new experiences and entertain a new perspective on life. However, booking a trip overseas can also pose a threat to a devoted yogi’s practice schedule. While you can practice yoga anywhere that you want to, many yogis enjoy having a teacher to lead them in their practice. Of those travelling yogis who prefer to follow an instructor’s guidance within the structure of a class or group setting, one of the main concerns faced is that they will not be able to follow along in a yoga class that is conducted in another language. Don’t let language scare you away from the nearest studio! Read on to learn some of the benefits.

One of the benefits of taking a yoga class conducted in a foreign language is that it allows you to better focus on your breathing. If you cannot understand all of the instructor’s words, it can quickly push your mind to race to something it can understand: your breath and your body. This is a wonderful opportunity to shut off one of your brain’s running programs, language, and turn to a more focused awareness of your breath.

Practicing yoga with guidance in a foreign language pushes you to rely on your other senses to experience your practice. Instead of listening to your teacher’s instructions, you may need to rely on your eyes to follow along. This shift in sensual engagement can provide a new perspective on your own practice. Perhaps you will notice something new about your practice when you place an emphasis on your sight rather than your hearing.

The opportunity to experience your practice in another way can also provide a valuable lesson: trusting yourself! Yogis who prefer group instruction rather than a solo practice sometimes tend to think they simply cannot practice alone. Of course, following an instructor’s guidance can be extremely beneficial in a person’s yoga journey. However, it is important not to rely solely on the instructor for the growth of your practice. When taking a class in another language, it may surprise you to realize that you can follow along just fine! If you have been practicing yoga for awhile, you probably know more sequences than you are aware of. This can provide a great lesson in trusting yourself.

The essentials of yoga are universal, no matter what language it is experienced in. The core principles of creating an awareness of your breath, your body, and your practice are present. Accepting the healing, positive energy that others express towards you and then sending your own positive, accepting love towards others can be extra special when shared outside of your native language. Yoga is a practice with universal principles that connect us all. Don’t shy away from a yoga studio that may operate in a foreign language! Take the chance to contribute to universal harmony on your next trip overseas.

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