What are the Benefits of Doing Yoga with Animals ?

The latest trend sweeping the internet makes yoga look cuter than ever before. Many prominent classes are now being taught in the presence of animals. Some yogis may practice in an arena filled with mellow horses, a field filled with exuberant baby goats, or a studio overwhelmed with kittens. Yogis are willing to pay top dollar for one of these unique yoga experiences, but is it really worth the price?

Doing yoga with animals certainly would be an experience that most people would love. After all, animals are cute and cuddly creatures that make you feel more comfortable. If they are freely roaming around while you move through your sequence, many yogis are now wondering whether it could actually enhance their mental health.

Is there any real benefit to doing yoga with animals? Take a look at what some yogis are saying about this new trend.

Animals make you feel less alone.

If you deal with anxiety or depression, you may often be overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness. Even the average individual feels isolated from time to time. Practicing yoga with animals nearby can be a great cure to the feeling of loneliness that overpowers some individuals.

Animals are naturally attuned to our emotions, and they may offer a friendly and nonjudgmental nudge of encouragement while you’re moving through the sequence. This is a great way to incorporate more touch into your daily life. After all, touch is an important item that is essential to your psychological wellbeing.

Practicing with animals can actually lower your blood pressure.

It’s no secret that a regular yoga routine can lower your blood pressure and help you achieve a healthier lifestyle overall. Many yogis don’t realize that regular interactions with animals can actually do the same thing. Petting a puppy or even a goat for a few minutes each day can relax you, ease your anxiety, and ultimately lower your blood pressure. When you combine animals and yoga, you get a practice that is very heart-healthy.

(Get dressed in your cute yoga leggings and enjoy a relaxing practice with your puppies)

Your mood will likely improve.

Do you feel super stressed out on a regular basis? Maybe you need some time to just have a lighthearted practice instead of an intense sequence. Doing yoga with animals is a great way to give you a few laughs and take some of the seriousness out of the practice. Your mood is bound to improve when you watch the antics of playful animals surrounding you.

Animal yoga is also a great opportunity to remember not to take yourself so seriously. It’s difficult not to laugh a little when you feel tiny goat hooves on your back during the downward-facing dog. It can bring a spark of joy back into a practice that seems to have grown stale over the years.

Animal yoga may have started off as a photogenic trend on social media, but it definitely has some worthwhile benefits. Yogis may want to consider checking out a local class in their area to see what benefits it could bring to their regular practice.

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