Yoga for Digestion

In Ayurveda, it’s believed that the mainstream of our well-being is our appropriate digestive system. It’s quite evident that most of the diseases are caused through inefficient digestion; therefore, doctors and nutritionists emphasize on quality dietary habits. Agni, or the metabolic energy of digestion, is believed to help eliminate waste and toxins from the body leaving it an impeccable state. Agni helps in breaking down of the dense materials within our digestive system and converts them into subtle energy that brings warmth and comfort to our souls and minds. 

A good metaphor to understand our internal mechanism of digestion is to consider a juicer. Agni is the juicer blade, while the energy is the juice. The body toxins are the fruit waste that is removed to leave us with refreshingly delicious juice. If the juicer blade isn’t working properly, we are bound to produce more food waste, and we can’t attain maximum juice out of the blender. Therefore, to ensure that we achieve maximum energy and are left with fewer toxins, it’s essential to have a strong Agni. 

Yoga practice helps tremendously with our digestive system due to the rhythmic breathing during the poses. Deep breathing techniques help bring the life force within the body that removes the toxins accumulated due to unhealthy eating or stress. Most importantly, it improves Agni within the system and provides us a better feeling of well-being. 

There are numerous poses for improving your digestive system; however, it’s recommended to follow various tutorials. With proper guidance, you can perform the pose correctly and would attain a maximum stretch to attain Agni. Always focus on your breathing as it will rejuvenate you and will help you get more comfortable as well. 

  • Triangle Pose – This particular pose helps to increase your appetite and improve the digestive process. Therefore, it’s recommended to perform if you are feeling constipated. 

  • Forward Bending Pose – It’s another great pose that can help you with your lower back; however, for digestion, it also helps with constipation. 

  • PavanaMuktsana – It primarily focuses on the lower part of the digestive system and would improve the gastrointestinal problems. 

  • Matsyendrasana – It’s a soft yoga pose that helps to massage the abdominal organs to help you feel more relaxed. It alleviates your digestive issues and helps you feel more blissful. 

  • Ushtrasana – It is also known as the camel pose and helps to alleviate issues arising in the stomach and intestines. It helps with constipation by inhibiting the factors that cause it. 

So, the question arises, why you should perform yoga and what possible benefits a healthy digestive system would bring in. Your body would remain alert and active at all times and would formulate stronger bones and muscles. Your cholesterol levels will decrease drastically, and your fat reduction will become apparent. You will have an improved and refurbished appetite that will provide greater physical strength. Yoga provides you a tool to cope with fatigue; therefore, we urge you all to perform yoga at least three times a week to enjoy its countless benefits.

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