Yogic Eye Cleansing Exercise

Eye cleansing exercises, also known as Omved Netra Shuddhi, is an ancient Yogic practice in which somebody makes use of eye cups to wash or clean the eyes with a thoroughly researched, time-tested eye tonic prepared with the herbal panacea – Triphala as a foundation. This astonishing yoga cleansing method is 100 percent natural, a chemical-free technique that eliminates the tiredness and burning of the eyes, giving a fresh feeling to the eyes.

In the Ayurvedic technique of healing, the Triphala is one of the most commonly used herbal blends, and it is prepared many years ago. This method of washing the eyes with clean mineral water eliminates toxins build-up and supports the essential moisture for the effective functioning of the eyes. The practice supports the cleansing of the eyes to offer an improvement to our vision as against the use of eye drops that can be harmful if applied in excess.

This yogic eye cleansing exercise rinses out irritants, dirt, and other unwanted pollutants from the eyes and leaves your eyes very sharp. The Yogis practiced Netra Shuddhi for centuries because of its powerful and countless benefits such as the following:

Benefits Of Thorough Cleansing Of The Eyes

  • It counteracts different eye problems like pink eyes (conjunctivitis), blepharitis, and glaucoma
  • Alleviates sore and watery eyes
  • Relieves tension or eyes strain in the eyeballs
  • Functional in treating headache, presbyopia, hypermetropia, and myopia.
  • Improves eyesight thereby helps to manage the boost of spectacle numbers.
  • Enhances blood supply to the optic nerves and the eyes 
  • Enhances blood movement in the region of the eyes, which helps in the reduction of dark circles.
  • Helps in preventing the development of cataract.
  • It is useful for puffy or tired eyes, watering of the eyes, irritation of the eyes, and redness of eyes 

How To Carry Out Eye Cleansing Exercise (Netra Dhauti)

  • Get clean and fresh water inside a small bowl
  • Sit in Utkatasana 
  • Put some clean water in your hands
  • With your eyes, wide opened use the clean water to rinse your eyes. 
  • Spill the water into your eyes. 
  • Rinse your eyes again with the clean water.
  • Repeat this process three times. 

As an alternative, 

  • Form a cup with your hand 
  • Fill it with water. 
  • Bend over your hand filled with water 
  • Open and close your eyes to clean them


  • Carry a big pot with water
  • Dip your face inside it 
  • Open and close your eyes while your mouth is filled with water. 

In this day and age, there are eyecups available on the market that you can buy, and they can also be used for this exercise.

However, you can use rose water to rinse your eyes if you have a burning sensation in your eyes, use rosewater to rinse them or put a little of it in water. On the other hand, you can make use of with Triphala—which is an Ayurvedic medicine —in case you have a burning sensation, sore eyes, or if your eyes are tearing.

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